I am not afraid... I was born to do this.
— Joan of Arc

Owning a business can actually be a lonely experience. Yes, it’s rewarding. And, yes, it has plenty of amazing perks; choosing your own schedule, being your own boss, creating your own work environment.  And to be fair, everyone will tell you that its hard work, a long up-hill road; but let’s address the fact that it can feel lonely, a little scary when that road seems single-filed, you’re leading the way and on either side, you risk falling down the steep embankments of burning-out or loosing it all. 

As a small business owner for seven years, I have slowly marched my way up that hill. Usually happy, with plenty of iced chai, a few curse words and tears sprinkled here and there; I keep marching. But I look to the left and the right and sometimes I just want to know “Am I doing this right?”

photo by Erin Mccall

I’ve gotten plenty of good advice from successful business men, my local chamber of commerce and other entrepreneurial friends with well meaning stories or encouragement but none of them could address some very specific issues of the wedding industry, bridal clientele and most importantly how flowers can bring home the bacon.

I wanted a road map, and safety rope for that steep hill. Honestly, a high-five, or a hug would also have worked.  I wanted a  curl-up-on-the-couch-with-a-cup-of-coffee-and-a-close-friend kind of conversation about business, not the frilly stuff. 

I have found those little gold-nuggets of hope through different avenues. I will tell you though, the most helpful was hiring a business mentor. Another wedding professional who knew my specific struggles and could help, and encourage me in industry specific ways.  She is a fav boss lady.  This isn't a paid ad, I'm just telling you to find you a boss lady friend! 

Don't let me forget to mention that coffee and shop-talk are two of my favorite things. Feel free to get in touch if you are a small business owner and need a high-five or a hug.

Will post more on women and mentorship in the future, its a topic im passionate about! In the meantime, tell me some ways ya'll stay connected in life and business!