The Katelier is a boutique floral design and event styling studio based in East Tennessee.

Founded in 2007, we love all things untamed and fabulous. Our inspiration comes from everything we see, taste, read, feel, and celebrate; from everywhere. Dedicated to small business we use local farmers and locally sourced materials whenever accessible. Each arrangement and event concept is planned with attention to quality, detail and you of course.

We are discontent with the way things are. We are obsessed with they way they could be and should be. We are those who "try too hard." We strive, painfully strive to bring value to the ordinary, beauty to the bleak, and laughter to the broken-hearted. We just happen to work with flowers. 

“Katelier” is a concocted word from the French, atelier [a studio, esp. one used by an artist or designer] and the name of the lady behind the curtain, Katie Rae Roach. Fate would have Katie Rae’s love for people, sunshine, and beauty to collide into a career she dreamt about. It would seem that floristry chose her.